The past few days have been equal parts frustrating, and invigorating.
I have backed off of a few bad habits of mine, (mostly mental-the hardest
to break!) and tried to spend my time with more intention, and purpose.
I have succeeded in deep cleaning, writing and reading more, and (after
an admittedly difficult struggle) leaving behind some social media and pushing
comparison out of my mind. I feel as of late I have lost some of the qualities
about myself that I used to enjoy, and am embarking on a journey to pull them off
the dusty shelf of my being and expose them to daylight once again.
Reacquainting myself with good literature, music, quiet, and getting lost
in the brief and (mostly) dreamy state that is being a mama of toddlers has
been overall enjoyable..and I look forward to this new pursuit. Hence my mantra:
with everything, intention.